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Enjoy a 6 day tour in Jordan, exploring some of the most unique historical sites of Jordan dating back to thousands of years. From the Mosaic city of Madaba, the fantastic views of Mount Nebo, Petra and much more included in the tour. You will be able to sample all that Jordan has to offer




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Jordan Uncovered

This 8 days tour allows you to explore Jordan in its entirety at a more leisurely pace. From relaxing in the Dead Sea to visiting the UNESCO world heritage site of Petra. This tour will allow you to have an amazing trip with the perfect combination of tours and relaxation, making this a trip to remember .




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Marriott Hotel Petra 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Movenpick Resort Petra 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Evason Ma’in Hot Springs Dead Sea 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Movenpick Resort Aqaba 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Le Meridien Hotel Amman 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Grand Hyatt Hotel Amman 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Kempinski Hotel Aqaba 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 BB


Movenpick Resort Dead Sea 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 HB


Movenpick Tala Bay Hotel Aqaba 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 HB


Kempinski Ishtar Hotel Dead Sea 05 Jan 2017 – 31 May 2017 HB


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A Quick Guide for your Jordan Holidays


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of the most astonishing countries in the Middle East to visit on holiday. There are many great landmarks to see and experience with our Jordan holidays.

The Jordan tourism board has taken appropriate steps to make Jordan one of the safest and most enjoyable countries for tourists from across the world to visit. The fact that it is situated in the Middle East hasn’t prevented thousands of tourists from visiting Jordan every year. Jordan has a wealth of fantastic sites to see which may mean the time you set aside for your Jordan holidays may not be enough. Jordan will have you returning time after time.

The main attraction that you should be visiting is one of the new 7 wonders of the world, Petra city. You can see a variety of historical palaces and other great monuments which were active around 2000 years back. By looking at the remains, you really get the feeling of the impressive nature of the Nabateans’ and how they would have ruled over the city. This historical city boasts more than 800 archaeological sites most of which are carved completely in rock. Looking at these incredible sites, your imagination would run wild trying to comprehend how the city would have operated.

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The next biggest tourist attraction in Jordan is the ‘Dead Sea’. It has other names such as ‘salt sea’ and the ‘Sea of the Arabah’. It is considered by many to be a holy sea and is a place like no other to rest and relax. Many people take a swim in the waters in the hope of experiencing some of its historical healing effects as this is one of the many biblical places located in Jordan. The Vatican has actually recognized five of them to be some of the holiest places in the world. Apart from ‘Dead Sea’, the other important biblical places in Jordan include Ain Musa, Jebel Haroun, Jebel Umm al-Biyara, Lot’s cave and Machaerus. There are many more religious sites in this country worth visiting.

You would want to visit the city of Aqaba if you want great beach views and to experience its great nightlife. You could even spend time diving among the amazing coral reefs. It is said that many international artists visit this place and perform in parties and concerts regularly. A lot of developmental work has been going on in this town in the recent past to the extent it has been given the name ‘New Dubai’.

You also should visit Amman, the capital of Jordan. In fact, you may want to first visit Amman and then go to Petra. Amman is an amazing tourist city and it is said that it is a great place to shop for antique jewellery. In Amman, the first place that should be visited is the 2000-year old Roman Theatre ruins. If you want to visit a religious site, then you should head straight over to Ahl al-Kahf. If there are kids with you, then you may want to spend some time with them in the Children’s museum but you shouldn’t miss out on the famous Jordan museum either. There are more than 20 destination spots in Amman that deserve to be visited. You might want to spend at least 2 or more days in the city to experience everything it has to offer.

Another great archaeological city in Jordan that is worth visiting on your Jordan Holidays is the city of Jerash. It is said that this city came to life when the Romans ruled it more than 2000 years ago. All the ancient ruins in the city are still preserved without any manipulations. They were all hidden in sand for many centuries before they were found and restored in the last century.

If you want to get involved in sporting activities during your Jordan tours, then it is recommended that you visit an area called Wadi Rum. People get engaged in rock climbing and many other physical activities here.


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